It was Sunday, May 25, when J. Clay LeJeune and his wife Mitzi Mayeaux were about to sit down for a meal with their teenage daughter, but that meal would never be eaten thanks to a surprise visit by the Crowley PD.
Critics have vowed to protest the rally because they say the American Family Association promotes an anti-gay agenda.
From the frustration over the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and subsequent grand jury decisions clearing the involved officers, there’s a growing voice rising up throughout this country in protest of America’s police forces, and it’s starting to be heard here in Acadiana too.
Respected surgeon’s arrangement with Lourdes/Heart Hospital comes on heels of similar deal between Drs. Victor Tedesco and Mohamad Allam with Lafayette General’s physicians group.
North Dakota declined by seven, Oklahoma by six, Texas down four, Louisiana off three, and Ohio and West Virginia each decreased two.
Louisiana's unemployment rate rose for the seventh straight month in November, and what had been strong growth in employer payrolls waned.
She says maybe it’s the predictability of knowing the next bend in the road. But, whatever the case it’s bettering a tough situation. Seth is not alone. Reports of children on the autism spectrum responding to communication with Siri and other technology-based audio communication have been cropping up in the media.
Christmas party style goes from delish dinner to cocktails with three looks that are chic as they are comfy. Find pieces that go with the flow and flatter your shape (even if you've had o