Bobby got national coverage! It's in the Onion, but hey - you gotta take what you can get, right? Also today, Benson says he's just fine and Jarvis revisits some of Katrina's biggest whoppers.

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What's the root of all America's problems? Could it be - Gay Satan? One guy with the AFA thinks so. Also today, Alford predicts a budget war, and the Daily Beast writes about Bobby Jindal's "love affair with hate." Happy Hump Day y'all!
Robert Cox, who is also a professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, also said he doubts long-term studies will find chronic illnesses linked to the disaster.
A full slate of workshops and other events centered around the comprehensive master plan will take place next week at sites around the Hub City.
The windfall in coastal-restoration money Louisiana hopes to gain from the Deepwater Horizon disaster took at least a $240 million hit last week when a federal judge ruled that BP spilled 3.19 million barrels into the Gulf of Mexico, not the 4.19 million claimed by the federal government.
Drago’s is back in town scouting locations — a story first reported by ABiz in 2012 — and has narrowed its decision to three potential sites.
South African company says it’s delaying plans for its $14 billion project near Lake Charles.
She says maybe it’s the predictability of knowing the next bend in the road. But, whatever the case it’s bettering a tough situation. Seth is not alone. Reports of children on the autism spectrum responding to communication with Siri and other technology-based audio communication have been cropping up in the media.
Mardi Gras is more than a day around here. It's a season. Dozens of balls and events that mean dressing to the nines. Think you've got the carnival season all planned out?