July 5, 2012 04:19
A slew of education officials, including Lafayette Parish Superintendent Pat Cooper, ULL President Joe Savoie, BESE's Holly Boffy and more, is gathering July 9 for a local education forum hosted by the nonprofit Louisiana Progress. Current and former politicos and education leaders are coming together at The Daily Advertiser's office Monday for an education forum set up to gain "perspectives" from Lafayette Parish Superintendent Pat Cooper, ULL President Joe Savoie, BESE's Holly Boffy and others on the implementation of Louisiana's education reform package.

Hosted by the nonprofit Louisiana Progress, the forum is based on the notion that most, if not all, involved in the reform fight agree that "the reform strategy will change the delivery options for education in Louisiana."

"Some are concerned that we will create a tiered system of winners and losers with charter schools and private schools diverting public sector resources with less transparency and accountability. Others are expectant that ‘competition' will improve public schools," the event's website says. "Many in the business community support efforts to reinvent public education and the opportunities to be innovative in new public, charter and private schools."

Speakers at the Louisiana Progress forum include Cooper, Savoie, Boffy, United Way of Acadiana President Margaret Trahan, state Sen. Page Cortez of Lafayette, Lafayette Parish School Board President Shelton Cobb, retired teacher Melinda Mangham and former BESE member Mary Washington.

"Just passing legislation that promises reform was the easy part.  What is needed now is a commitment to transparency in the rule-making and implementation process," Louisiana Progress says on the forum's event site.

The free education forum is scheduled from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Monday at The Daily Advertiser's office on Bertrand. Click here to read more and register.
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