July 13, 2012 01:32

On the very day 21-year-old UL Lafayette student Mickey Shunick went missing, Brandon Scott Lavernge told Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputies he was attacked at a New Orleans gas station and repeatedly stabbed.

KATC TV-3 is reporting that Brandon Scott Lavergne, arrested July 5 for the aggravated kidnapping and murder of Mickey Shunick, told Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputies he was attacked at a gas station in the New Orleans area and repeatedly stabbed the afternoon of May 19, the same day the 21-year-old UL Lafayette student went missing. Citing a report from the sheriff's office, the station says Lavergne was interviewed by deputies at approximately 11 p.m. May 19 about the incident while he was being treated at a New Orleans area hospital for the stab wounds.

This mugshot from the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center shows what appears to be a scar healing on Lavergne's lower right neck; KATC is reporting that Lavergne claims he was robbed and stabbed repeatedly at a New Orleans area gas station the same day Mickey Shunick went missing.

The report indicates that Lavergne can't recall where the alleged incident happened.

Earlier this week The Independent reported on a Crowley hairdresser's recollection of seeing a scar on Lavergne's neck that looked like a stab wound. Lafayette police are not commenting on whether they believe Shunick fought off her alleged attacker.

The Independent was unable to immediately obtain the report from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office; the public information officer said the records department would be closed until 8:30 Friday morning.

Read the station's timeline on the Shunick case here.

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