Aug. 7, 2012 06:26 PM
And the voucher snafus just keep on comin' ... In Bobby Voucher's new world of "parental choice," the governor's voucher program is giving kids the option to skip out on public education for a walk under the "tutelage of Apostle Leonard Lucas Jr., who walks in the fullness of his calling and wears the mantle of an Apostle and Prophet."

CenLamar blogger Lamar White Jr. points out in a recent blog post that the Light City Christian Academy in New Orleans is poised to receive hundreds of thousands of public dollars for the upcoming school year. The Christian school is housed at the Light City Church run by Apostle Leonard Lucas Jr., a one-term state rep. who unsuccessfully ran for the New Orleans City Council and announced his candidacy through a press release loaded with grammatical errors, according to The Times-Picayune. He's the owner of roughly three dozen businesses registered through the Secretary of State's Office, the large majority of which are nonprofits not in good standing.

The CenLamar blog references an excerpt on Light City Church's website that invites men and women to "yield to the tutelage of Apostle Leonard Lucas Jr." and join the School of the Prophets. The School of the Prophets, however, appears to be a separate operation from the Christian school receiving voucher money. That Christian school, according to Lucas' website, is "a community concept wherein the whold' child is attended to spiritually, morally and intellectually."

We're not sure what a whold child is, either. Is that what Prophet Lucas calls his followers? The school's been approved for 163 voucher students with an annual tuition of $4,555 each.

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