Aug. 23, 2012 03:27

Yahoo! Sports ranks the Ragin' Cajuns' Cayenne among the best mascots in the country.

In its just-released, "Top 25 Great College Football Mascots: More Than Just Oversized Heads," Yahoo! Sports ranks UL's Cayenne among the country's "unique, inspiring, and memorable nicknames/mascots" of the 2012 season.

A menacing, well-chosen nickname designed to instill fear in the heart of an opponent is essential to college football success. With this in mind, I submit 25 memorable mascots as we gird up our loins for another season of collegiate gridiron action. Before you bewail why your favorite didn't make the list, please keep in mind that the countdown only goes to 25.

Here's what the writer had to say about Cayenne, which ranked No. 23:

Louisiana Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns - Cayenne is unquestionably college football's hottest mascot. Since the cayenne pepper is a staple food of Louisiana, in particular in the southern region around Lafayette, Cayenne is a unique and uniquely suited mascot.

Mike the Tiger is No. 6, and Michigan State's Sparty is No. 1.

Read the story here.

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