Aug. 24, 2012 05:53 PM
Indicted Wednesday for simple battery against Erin May Fitzgerald, former cancer doctor Glenn Stewart will be arraigned Sept. 25 before 15th Judicial District Court Commissioner Thomas Frederick. Former radiation oncologist Glenn Stewart, the 54-year-old real estate investor and developer behind Parc Lafayette, was indicted on a count of simple battery by a Lafayette grand jury Wednesday. He will be arraigned Sept. 25 before 15th Judicial District Court Commissioner Thomas Frederick, according to the state Attorney General's Office.

Lafayette developer Glenn Stewart was arrested Feb. 21 for knocking Erin May Fitzgerald unconscious at the lineup for a Mardi Gras parade (photo courtesy Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office).
Stewart was arrested for felony second-degree battery after he knocked Erin May Fitzgerald unconscious during this year's Mardi Gras festivities.

Stewart's assault sent Fitzgerald - the daughter and stepdaughter, respectively, of IND Monthly co-publishers Steve May and Cherry Fisher May - to the hospital to seek treatment for her injuries. She was knocked out after  attempting to remove offensive banners from Stewart's float.

Read more about the attack and the former doctor's ongoing feud with this paper in our Feb. 29 cover story, "Enough."

The AG is prosecuting the case because one of the witnesses to the incident is an employee of the DA's office.

Stewart is likely to plead not guilty, based on what his attorney, Lewis Unglesby of Baton Rouge, told The Advocate. "Dr. Stewart will contest these charges, which are far less serious than originally claimed. It is just unfortunate that this situation was pushed this far," the attorney told the paper.

Unglesby was not immediately available for comment today.