Sept. 11, 2012 06:45

Pay homage to the dreams that begin at home with a piece from Mixology.

Home is where the heart is. I've always thought of my house as home base. The safe spot. The place where we plan and dream and hope for the future. Growing up our house was truly a home. It was a lived-in space. My mom worked full time. There was no Donna Reed on White Blossom Circle. Yet, even now, when I smell apple pie I think first of her and the way our house smelled often of apples and cinnamon and something warm and dreamy. So, what does all this have to do with style at home? Style in your home should be about more than what's on display. It should be about what you love. About what inspires you. You're going to live with it, after all. Whether you love sharp clean lines, cozy cottages or regal wares, the most important thing about style at home is that it makes you feel safe enough to take chances. To dream.


I'm a bigger dreamer, which is why this pillow from Mixology by LuLu, $48, gave my heart a little flutter. I spotted it at the brand spanking new Mixology Interiors and Art in Oil Center Gardens. It would be a great addition to a cozy little reading nook awash in shades of neutral. Think a white overstuffed chair overlooking the Vermilion. Just the sort of spot to enjoy a slice of warm pie and a nice long daydream.

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