Sept. 17, 2012 05:12
According to a research scientist with the University of Memphis, tremors near a large sinkhole in Assumption Parish began recurring a week ago. The earth tremors felt in the month and hours before the large sinkhole developed Aug. 3 in Assumption Parish on property owned by Texas Brine Co. of Houston began recurring about a week ago, The Advocate reported Monday:
Steve Horton, research scientist with the University of Memphis Center for Earthquake Research and Information, said Friday that about a week ago, one or two sharp tremors began reoccurring every day or so.

Horton sits on a scientific advisory committee that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources formed to study the sinkhole, the tremors and natural gas releases that are also occurring in area bayous.

Horton, who is working with the U.S. Geological Survey to study the tremors, said the returning tremors are in the same vicinity as the earlier ones - a shallow area underground on the northwestern edge of the Napoleonville Dome.
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