Sept. 25, 2012 12:57

Looking pulled together when it's all falling apart

There are days when you just run out of time or options. And there are days when you run out of both. I've found myself as of late being in the "both" category. The key to still looking pulled together is having a back up plan for easy-to-wear clothing pieces. And for someone with long hair (still not cutting it no matter how logical that may be) you have to have an option for looking pulled together in a pinch because sometimes hair (life) goes awry.

Today we're going to talk sock bun. It's not a new idea. But, one that's been even more popular thanks to Pinterest and those lovely little tutorials. I honestly thought the whole thing was probably a racket until I asked an expert (my hair stylist sister) whether this sock in the hair bit was actually worth the trouble. The result has been the easiest and most often complimented little hair style I've had the pleasure to wear in a long time.

Buns give that easy "model off duty" vibe when worn casual. Slap on some red lips and statement earrings and you're ready for evening. Last week the Hitting the Haute Note event started at 5 p.m. and I knew it was pretty unlikely I'd make it home in time to do much reworking after a day of work. I put the sock bun in that morning, ran home and changed dresses and added some eyeshadow and eyeliner and a couple (or five) coats of mascara and was out the door.

Lauren Conrad does a great bun look. And we're loving her red lips for a cocktail party or night out with the man. And Jennifer Lopez looks easy every day with her bun. The good news is that you don't have to be a hair stylist or expert to make it happen. And thanks to the volume added by the sock you don't need a mass of hair. For a little bun try a thin dress sock and for a big fat juicy bun go for an athletic sock.

What you'll need:

hair elastic

sock (dress or athletic will work)



1-  Cut the toe off the sock.

2- Roll sock until it's a donut shape.

3 - Pull hair into a high (very high) ponytail. I like to keep things a little messy and tease the hair first. If you want a sleeker look make sure to brush your hair thoroughly before.

4 - Pull ponytail up and place hair through the middle of your sock donut.

5 - Roll hair over the sock moving toward the base of the ponytail. (Right now you're thinking this won't work. Trust me. Just keep cramming the hair and rolling.)

Some people finish the look off with bobby pins. But, I've never found the need and the bun stays all day through some strenuous conditions. (Photoshoots, taking care of an 11-month-old including bath time, feedings and wallowing around the living room floor.)


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