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The one piece in your wardrobe that makes a huge statement with zero effort

If you think you're 'not a hat person' please continue reading. Despite popular belief, we are all hat people (quit rolling your eyes, hat haters).


People believe there's some magical face shape or attitude required for wearing of hats. You are all so very wrong. And if you're a woman with hair, you really should want to be a hat person. It's going to make your life much easier. And you're about to look a lot more fabulous. Looking fabulous with zero time is kind of what it's all about.

I always have been a hat person. In college, I got a merlot cloche hat for Christmas and wore it to death. (I was listening to a lot of Alicia Keys at the time. So, can you blame me?) Haven't looked back since. But, you didn't continue reading to hear about my Alicia hat. Here's the secret about hats: above all, wear it like you own the place. (In the words of IND style honoree Mallory Acrey "if you don't question it, no one else will.") Secondly, not every hat is for every person or every occasion. If at first you don't succeed in finding a hat, try ... try on again (and again).

I love fedoras. But, they don't do a lot for me. Robin Hebert rocks a fedora. Crystall Coroy looks great in them. But, I've found the cloche and the floppy hat are the ticket for me.

That fantastic little cloche in the photo is from Little Town. With a 20's influence, I find the cloche to be a great buttoned up preppy hat. I have an eggplant one I loved last winter with a camel trench coat. I adore a cloche with a turtleneck when temperature dip. For now, try with a high waisted skirt or voluminous pant and tucked in shirt. Think Katherine Hepburn. And add a red lip, please.

The floppy hat is my favorite at present.  Last fall I told my best friend (just weeks after having a baby) that I would officially never have time again in my life (ever) to fix my hair on a daily basis and would have to wear a hat every single day (every single day). She took me seriously and bought me a superb floppy hat in a dark camel color. Right now both Brother's and Vanessa V. have something similar. And they're so cute I actually wear them when I do have time to fix my hair.

Keep the brim pretty trim on a floppy hat to ensure you aren't too much for your average day about town. "I don't want people to think I'm trying to be all J. Lo when I'm grocery shopping ..." I told the bewitching Lindsey over at Vanessa V. when she put the black floppy hat (pictured here) on my head. With great wisdom she pointed out that a smaller brim is far less dramatic and wearable every day. And so, I've already worn this black hat to death.  I'm loving it with black leggings and a rocker vibe on top. Earlier this week I wore it with riding boots, leggings and a stonewashed long denim shirt. Floppy hats are also the perfect addition to a boho made modern look. Anything with fringe works with it. And I love hoop earrings and messy hair with a lot of texture.

The beret simply can't be anything but Paris to me. Maybe that's why I love it so dearly. Herringstone had them all over the runway at IND Style awards and come winter I know we'll be wearing the sweater beret like crazy. Berets with a funky outfit keep things fresh. A wild pair of pants like these leopard work (also Herringstone). And I love a super short mini with a flowy top and a beret. Board straight hair and (again) red lips are great beret-friendly beauty approaches.

All three hats are also paired right with fall's must have chambray button down top. And a fedroa would look fabulous with it as well. So, don't be afraid to rock a statement hat on a Tuesday morning. And if they think you're trying to be all J. Lo at Rouse's, remember the woman has to shop, too. Don't question it and no one else will.



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