Oct. 4, 2012 03:33

Maven Menswear to celebrate a year in business Friday night

In the fall of 2011 Christina Barbier and her husband, Daniel, opened the doors to Maven Menswear on Main Street in River Ranch with a vibe that was (and continues to be) one of a kind. From the guitars and party vibe to an eclectic blend of style, the store is filled with what Christina saw as a void in Lafayette. And come Friday, Christina (and the men who have grown to love Maven) are going to celebrate.

"The last year has been incredible," Barbier says. "We have the coolest clients ever and are thankful every day for what amazing new friends Maven has brought into our lives."

The couple originally opened the store as something they could do together believing men in Lafayette were ready for something new.

"We felt like men of Lafayette were ready to switch gears into a more big city, eclectic, GQ type of styling. Most importantly we wanted to offer that style at a very reasonable price point," she says.

In 2013, Barbier says there will be more of that affordable, yet GQ, look and they are launching a new cologne for men called "A Million Bucks."

"Because it really smells as amazing as a million bucks would smell," she says.

On Friday from 6 to 9 p.m., Maven will host a party to celebrate 365 days with A Funk Band Named Machete and drinks and eats (Acme Taco).

IND style will be on hand looking for some sharp dressed men. So, bring on that GQ vibe, please.

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