Oct. 11, 2012 11:25
Wondering how whacky and wild the Louisiana blogosphere can get? Wonder no more with La.La. Land.
We can't help but love living in a place as blissfully neurotic and intoxicatingly entertaining as the Great State of Louisiana. Yet far too much of what makes this place more fun to watch than the bar scene in Star Wars goes unnoticed - or at least under-reported. Of course, though there's an acute shortage of common sense commentary and reporting in print and on the web, IND Monthly is prepared to sort thru the gradus to find it for you. Hungry for a new way to start your weekday mornings?  Introducing La.La. Land, the IND's new daily dish on who's making sense and who's off their meds. Served daily, Monday through Friday beginning Monday, Oct. 15. Look for it at the upper right of our home page.