Oct. 24, 2012 04:22

LCG's Community Development Department and Allied Waste are teaming up for Neighborhood Clean-up day Saturday when residents can drop off fencing, toilets, swing sets and other hard-to-dispose-of trash at six designated sites in Lafayette Parish.

 Unwanted toilets, tools, barbecue pits and more will be collected from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at six designated sites in Lafayette Parish as part of Neighborhood Clean-up day.

 Sponsored by LCG and Allied Waste, residents are encouraged to drop off debris that typically goes uncollected when placed curbside due to the size or volume.

 The list of items up for collection Saturday includes wood, doors and other construction debris, fencing, toilets, bicycles, swing sets, wall-to-wall carpeting, ceiling fans and other small appliances and tools, treadmills, barbeque pits, moveable basketball goals, and any bagged or containerized debris.

 Chemicals, tires, car batteries, large appliances and gas-powered equipment will not be accepted at the sites. A Lafayette PRIDE Guide will be distributed at the six drop-off locations to let residents know how to dispose of the items not being accepted Saturday.

 "The project began in the middle 1980s, targeting a few neighborhoods that needed help with accumulation of debris at various homes.  During the Durel Administration, the project evolved to the current system of multiple drop-off sites each year, able to serve all LCG constituents. The sites are located in geographically diverse locations, utilizing LCG owned facilities," says Director of Community Development Patricia Leyendecker in a prepared statement. "We know from previous years that this is an important project."

 The six drop-off locations are Pa Davis Park at 120 Dawn St.; Fabacher Field at 221 La Neuville Road.; Neyland Park/Robicheaux Center at 1919 Eraste Landry Road.; Brown Park at 1234 E. Pont de Mouton Road.; Debaillon Park at 510 Saucier Drive (enter from Walker Road.), and the Heymann Performing Arts Center at 1373 S. College Road.

 For more information, call the Community Development office at 291-8423.