Nov. 1, 2012 04:39

Ron Richard may not have a chance in hell, but at least one Democrat's name will be listed on next week's ballot for the 3rd Congressional District election.

Driving around Lafayette, you may or may not have noticed the green political signs bearing Ron Richard's name. Richard is a Democrat, and he's running for the 3rd Congressional District - you know the race, the one in which almost all the attention has been heaped on Republican front-runners Charles Boustany and Jeff Landry.

Well, if you're a voter, and a Democrat to boot, the Lafayette Democrats are reminding people that Boustany and Landry aren't the only candidates - there are actually five in all. And a post left Wednesday on the group's Facebook page describes Richard as "the ONLY candidate for Congress supporting Louisiana working families."

Richard - like his non-Landry and Boustany rivals - hasn't received too much attention here in the boundaries of the 3rd, which stretches from his hometown of Lake Charles through Lafayette and down into the lower reaches of Iberia Parish. And though Richard's chances are undoubtedly slim, probably near-impossible, on some level, it is reassuring that red isn't the only color being flown in the fight for the 3rd.

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