Nov. 5, 2012 06:09

Louisiana's  "Vote Power" ranking, according to Slate,com, may not be too high, but hopefully that won't stop you from casting a ballot Tuesday.

With only nine Electoral College votes, Louisiana's "Vote Power" is nothing to brag about, according to a recent state-by-state ranking from

Louisiana, according to Slate, has the 31st strongest vote power, with just one of its nine Electoral College votes representing 481,046 of the state's voters. Slate blogger Chris Kirk writes:

The average electoral vote represents 436,000 people, but that number rises and falls per state depending on that state's population over 18 years of age. The states with the fewest people per electoral vote, and therefore the highest vote power,' are Wyoming, Vermont, and North Dakota. In Wyoming there are 143,000 people for each of its three electoral votes. The states with the weakest votes are New York, Florida, and California. These states each have around 500,000 people for each electoral vote.

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