Nov. 12, 2012 07:54 PM
While the state's total rig count has been stable for the past two weeks, activity is down significantly from this time last year.

Louisiana Oil and Gas Association Marketing Director Ben Broussard says in his latest LOGA Drilling Report that Lafayette, Acadia and St. Charles parishes all gained rigs this week, keeping the South Louisiana land count steady at 23 for the week. The Haynesville Shale, however, lost three rigs and is down to 19.

Forty-six rigs are running in the Gulf of Mexico this week, a loss of one from last week, keeping the total number of active rigs in the state relatively steady at 109. But that's still down significantly from the 160 running at this time last year, reflecting a loss of 51 rigs, or 32 percent.

Each week LOGA's Broussard issues the LOGA Drilling Report, updating the current drilling activity in the Haynesville Shale, North Louisiana, Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, South Louisiana Land, Inland Waters and the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, he discusses where new permits are located in the state.

View this week's video here.

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