Nov. 20, 2012 05:31

Celebrate the day with decor that's as easy as it is chic

This Thanksgiving, we've found about the cutest and coolest DIY project thanks to the ever creative Brooks Dufrene. His project to prep a client's exterior for the day of thanks is just the inspiration for a DIY project that's totally doable without looking at all homemade.

Start with a plaid ribbon for the swag around the door frame and add some greenery, which will also take you into the holiday season after this weekend. For each window, Brooks created a banner that welcomes guests. One side reading 'gather' and the other 'thanks.' But, it could work just as well by switching the brown paint for red or green and picking words like merry or bright. Brooks hand painted burlaps triangles using a stencil and then adhered to a line. It would also work with a festive ribbon. A collection of pumpkins and lanterns line the entryway, which could later be swapped out for those same lanterns and some poinsettias or holly bushes. Or even a few mini Christmas trees.

But, my absolute favorite of the project is certainly the magnolia wreath. A nod to the tree native to the state, the magnolia leaf wreath is at once southern and yet there's a certain modern feel to it. Bonus: it's super cheap. And doable for even novice DIYers.

What you'll need:

magnolia leaves

spray paint

glue gun

plain green wreath

1 Spray paint the leaves and let dry.

2 Spray paint wreath and let dry.

3 Using the glue gun, adhere leaves one by one onto the wreath overlapping as you go.

You can always add a bow or other subtle detail. For Thanksgiving go with brown or rust. Come Christmas swap for a red flat velvet ribbon or soft green satin.

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