Nov. 20, 2012 04:46

The financial pinch felt by Louisiana drivers actually wasn't as painful in 2011 as in past years, but it still hurts a little, according to an annual state-by-state ranking released by David Gardiner & Associates and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The Gasoline Price Vulnerability Ranking is based on the percentage of personal income spent at the pump by drivers in each state. The report also looks at the initiatives implemented by each state to reduce the dependency on oil.

According to the report, Louisiana's drivers spent an average of $2,622 on vehicle fuel in 2011, making the Pelican State 17th among the nation's most vulnerable states.  While that may not sound good, it actually represent an improvement from previous years.

In 2006, the first year the report was issued, Louisiana was ranked the nation's 8th most vulnerable state. Louisiana's annual ranking worsened over the years, dropping as low as third in 2009.

Read the full gasoline vulnerability for 2011 here.



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