Nov. 23, 2012 05:31

Best buys a la local Black Friday



This IND styler never has been much for standing in line for flat screen TVs in the freezing cold. But, I do so love a good deal. And we've got an excellent line up in locally owned stores of deals that allow you to keep it local and save some money double bonus.

So, let's start over at kiki where they're doing buy one get one half off. Seriously. At Vanessa V. she's offering 30 percent off the entire store with some excellent bonus deals off other items including half off of her super cheap back room full of killer bargains.

Parish Ink T-shirts are buy two get one free. (You can also snag them at Red Arrow). In the Oil Center, F. Camalo is offering sweaters in 100 percent merino wool or 100 percent cashmere, assorted colors 1/3 off Black Friday weekend only.

The gals over at Herringstone's Two Sisters' Boutique are opening early at 8 a.m. with a big sidewalk sale. And 7 Chics are offering buy one get one half off of clothing and shoes that are regularly priced with other deals like $10 racks and they're also open from 8 to 8. So, grab that cross body bag (the best for shopping) and head out to keep it local.




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