Nov. 27, 2012 04:01
Fat Pat's doesn't serve up a mediocre hot dog. Fat Pat's has reinvented red beans and rice and converted it into a potentially portable dish in a bun.

The Dome Dog is an homage to a South Louisiana staple. Fat Pat's slaps pork and andouille sausage on a slightly sweet and soft bun and smothers it in homemade red beans. For a finishing touch, it's drizzled with creole mustard - perhaps a little too much, so ask for a small drizzle. For only $7.64 (or $3.50 on Sundays!), it's a filling meal served with fries - or substitute the fries for the best sweet potato fries in town.

The Fat Pat's hot dog menu is not restricted to plain all-beef hot dogs. Try the Milwaukee brat for a taste of the Midwest, or the queso dog for a trip south of the border. Find the original Fat Pat's at 626 Verot School Road or the new branch at 117 Westmark Blvd. Check out the entire menu online here.

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