Nov. 30, 2012 11:18

Trip Gruver is one tripped out commercial-making dude from Lafayette.

1. History of Trip Gruver in five words, more or less.
First: self-aware. Then: successful. Unfortunately: distracted. And then: enlightened. Presently: determined

2. Why commercials and media production? Why not Trip Gruver: Vatican assassin?

If those are my only career choices, I definitely chose the right path. Plus, violence has never been my thing.

3. How long have you been working as a professional media guy?

Pretty much since I was 12 years old. Directing Super 8 action/adventure films, including 1/24 scale model cars careening downhill filled with gasoline and firecrackers. Then putting lots of ketchup on my "dead" friends.

4. If Trip Gruver were to bust a mid-life career change, what would it be?
I have never thought to do anything but commercial production. However, being a stunt man would work well with my love of fast cars and motorcycles. But my scars from many mishaps remind me to keep that as a hobby.

5. What's the inspiration behind the Trip Gruver haircut?
It's my brand and that's what I do. I am my own client! Also, at my age I'm happy to have hair.

6. Good point. Fill in the blank. "911, can you send an ambulance? I was executing an orangutan when my sausage hanger and my doppelganger went loco."

7. Choose one. Money, fame, power, happiness or ontological paradox  
Ontological paradox so then I can time travel to acquire money, fame, power and happiness  

8. Blood sport or blood sausage?
Blood sport? Again, not into violence. Blood sausage?  Not my taste. Think I'll opt for a Bloody Mary

9. Worst job ever?
Working at a pet cemetery to get through college. I'm not kidding.

10. Name one thing no one knows about Trip Gruver?
That I read IND Monthly. Oops I guess my secret is out.