Dec. 1, 2012 12:09

Photos of Grand Coteau by John Slaughter

Local photographer John Slaughter has produced a wonderful documentary-style coffee table book on the small St. Landry Parish town of Grand Coteau, a place he has called home since 1976. Think of it as a character study of Grand Coteau, with intimate photos of the people and historic places that make up the town. The book is a lovely mix of documentary, landscape, portrait and architectural photography.

Slaughter's lens captures the often moody stillness of mornings when the dew still clings to the ground, and the lifetime of experiences in townsfolk's faces. The stories accompanying the images explain the beginnings of the small town, its residents and institutions.

The landscapes are luminous, capturing the beauty of the area, from the famous oaks of The Academy of the Sacred Heart to the small historic homes and buildings and the people and families who live in them. Slaughter's images tell a story of a unique small South Louisiana town.

Copies of Grand Coteau (UL Lafayette Press, $49.50) can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Pieces of 8, The Kitchen Shop, Casa Azul and via











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