Dec. 12, 2012 03:49

The perfect gloves for cool temps and texting lovers

I'm a compulsive texter. It's a problem. And with cooling temps, I'm on the hunt for some cute gloves that will keep these hands warm while letting me continue to send 6,832 messages a day.

Over at Little Town they have the gloves with fingertips that allow you to still work your touch screens. With a basic glove shape, they're functional but look like a normal glove. Perfect for everyday. Then at kiki, there are some ridiculously cute cashmere Erica Molinari creations that caught my eye.  They are the absolute softest and provide some warmth while looking totally fashion forward and leaving those fingers free for texting. These also have that holiday sparkle I'm loving this time of year. (And they carry some that have smaller, more sparsely placed sparklers if you're a fan of the more subtle sparkle.) Functional and fabulous the formula for this IND Styler.

Also from Amanda Bedgood

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