Jan. 16, 2013 08:52 PM

A Facebook search is under way to find four art thieves responsible for jacking a painting early Saturday morning from a wall inside the Green Room.

Though the stolen painting is still on the loose, the demise of the thieves already seems imminent, as all four perpetrators were caught in the act by the Green Room's video surveillance cameras.

Now, with a Facebook campaign launched early Wednesday afternoon, two of the four men have already been identified, says Carey McCue, curator for the Green Room.

 "The Facebook hounds are on these cats, and we already got two names," says McCue.

McCue says the missing artwork is a painting by Diane Nowell that arrived in the mail from England Friday. The piece was only on display for about 12 hours before being carried out of the bar by an unidentified man.

"In the video you can tell these guys are scheming on it for about 45 minutes, and all four of them put their hands on the painting at some point," McCue tells The IND.

One of the unidentified men photographed leaving the Green Room with the stolen painting

McCue says he is holding off on reporting the theft to Lafayette Police, but adds that option is still on the table.

"What we're really trying to do is get the painting back," says McCue. "But if there's no results by tomorrow, then we'll report it to the police because we already have two names and the video showing the theft."

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