Jan. 22, 2013 04:14

Michelle stuns in the world of style


Michelle Obama's got style. In a world filled with a lot of pant suits (we're talking to you, Hillary) and a decidedly buttoned up attitude (we know, we know, there's serious stuff going down in DC), Michelle managed to bring a series of ensembles that were totally on trend and totally appropriate. And frankly, quite a bit of fun.

She kicked things off with a casual look for one of the pre-inaugural events in an Alexander McQueen (you know how I get about McQueen) resort crisp white shirt and narrow pants. It's a great daytime choice when you want to look utterly pulled together and just the way to whittle your middle with a belt. It was the belt, in fact, that drew the attention of style guru Vanessa Vicari of Vanessa V. boutique.

"I love the belted look. Being curvy I personally have a difficult time belting tops with skinny pants I love how she is totally owning the look," Vanessa says.

While it's bold to wear something that has more fabric in the back, the proportions work in a way that's still flattering. Keep the pants skinny, the belt on the smallest part of your waist and rock a skinny pair of heels. A chunky necklace at the button down's opening and a simple earring keep things polished.

Monday's festivities kicked off with Michelle in a sleek, modern coat from little-known designer Thom Browne. The gent who got his start in menswear was inspired by the fabric of a tie when he created the navy coat and complimenting dress. Our favorite? That belt she wore for portions of the day. Proof that some dazzle can be quite sophisticated when done with a light hand.

And those gloves. The pop of color is just what we've been seeing all winter and promises to be hot again through the spring. In fact, a contrasting pop of color with accessories is just the way to wear on trend navy. While we aren't afraid to wear black and navy (quit shaking your heads. It's okay to wear black and navy), we know some of you may find it impossible. A great way to make navy modern? Pair with a purple or pink shoe, handbag or, in Michelle's case, a glove.

While the blogosphere was salivating all day over the Thom Browne choice, they were near frenzied waiting to see what she would wear for the evening events. In 2009, she stunned the fashion world (and made a serious splash) when she chose a creamy gown full of hope (play on words intended) from a little known designer - Jason Wu.

Looks like Wu really wooed her. She (to the shock of many) went Wu again. This time in a decidedly different approach. She went bold, assured. And showed off those arms. The right choice, according to courtier Harold Clarke, who has set up shop in the Oil Center.

"I think it was a good choice. Love the color. Those arms and shoulders are perfect ... this time she is on point," he says.

We totally agree. We saw a lot of red on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. And if past Michelle choices have been proof, we'll be seeing  a lot more red in the future.

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