Jan. 31, 2013 05:12 PM

Brother Dege Legg, the creator of Posthaste, sits down to do battle with himself in this special edition of the series.

Life story in five words, more or less?
Laughter and creativity is the religion.

Why do a Posthaste vs. Posthaste?
Steve May insisted. He's a hard guy to say no to, especially if he's the first guy to ever publish your stuff.

Your song "Too Old to Die Young" is in Django Unchained. Whatever. Tell us what everyone really wants to know: did you get to meet Quentin Tarantino?
No comment. Keep it mysterious.

You're a musician and work F/T in a homeless shelter. Who do you think you are? Bono?
Dege Cougar Mellencoug.

Worst gig ever?

1998. I got in a crazy fist fight with the manager of the Swampwater Saloon - he'd stabbed a guy a week earlier - after Santeria played a drunken three- to four-hour set that came to halt amidst broken glass and wrecked gear. I was pretty crazy back then. I still got the crazy in me, but now I try to go the peaceful route.

When is it appropriate for a rock dude to wear a neon colored dashiki?

When attending an ayahuasca ceremony ... in space.

What's the coolest thing to all this Django stuff?

Just how STOKED and inspired Lafayette people are by it. They are just so inspired and stoked.

If you were to bust a midlife career change, what would it be?
Open a junkyard. I'm fascinated by the things people throw away.

Ten years ago you lived in the same low rent motel in which you recently shot a music video. How did you end up living there?
I couldn't afford the deposit on an apartment and I figured living in a cheap motel would be way more interesting. And it was. It was like joining a circus that never left town: full of tenured alcoholics, Nam-vets and carnies.

What's the biggest challenge in being a musician or artist these days?

Just enjoy the journey and do your own crazy thing. Don't worry if it's cool or not. The goal is not to keep up with what is cool. The goal is to invent it.

Most significant thing you learned from your years driving a cab?
What not to do. That each person's life is like a weird, unwritten book. And everyone is god.

Quick cab story off the top of your head.
Picked up a drunk woman downtown. Drove her to her house in River Ranch. She was so wasted - she forgot her keys, cell phone, and purse at the bar. I had to climb the fence, break in through the back door and let her into her own house, so she wouldn't have to sleep on the porch. When I informed her of the price of the fare, she got mad and refused to pay - she thought I was her date and just being a jerk.

Your career as an on-staff music journalist at The IND lasted three years? What do you have to say to the bands that you pissed off?
I just tried to have fun with it. Admittedly, I am not the best "music journalist" in the world, but I tried to give bands something unique that they couldn't get anywhere else. Writing about musicians was tricky, because we're all crazy. It was like being a crazy astronaut, writing about other crazy, struggling astronauts in their attempts to get nearly unobtainable astronauts jobs. Absurd.

Best Posthaste interviews ever?
Three-way tie: James Marler (Rotary Downs), Dirk Powell (Balfa Toujours, etc.) and Matt Roberts (Matt Rock & the Powerboxx). All had really good game.

If Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney had a baby, what would be its name?
Dermot McDermott.

When science fails us and our spiritual leap of faith stumbles, what can one do when attempting to divine the great mysteries of the universe?
Go with your gut. It never lies.

Dumbest thing you've ever done?
Waste too much time on negative people and things. I like being around happy, positive, adventurous people. I don't need any help in the Moody & Brooding Dept. I can handle that on my own.

You spent over a decade playing southern psych & hard rock in Santeria. What's the least metal thing about you?
I love hippies, Sinatra and reading self-help books.

Best metal album ever? Why?
Screaming for Vengeance, Judas Priest. Every songs jams. Killer riffs.

Name one thing no one knows about you.
Sometimes I cry when driving alone ... thinking about life and stuff.


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