May 1, 2013 06:00

Party Girl was all over the place in April, hitting UL's Spring Gala, the debut of Jefferson Street's newest restaurant, La Carreta, and a reunion of Festival International's founding board members.


Ladies in red and gents with subtle red details were the order of the evening at the UL Spring Gala. The event at the Alumni House had its fair share of dames in demure colors as well - soft pinks and pretty greens that harken spring's blooming buds and the lush gardens where a tent was erected for partygoers ready to have a seat, enjoy some delicious fare and honor the Mosing family. The Savoies were both on point in their Cajun crimson: First lady of UL was stunning in a shorter red dress and red lips while UL President Joe Savoie donned bold red-detailed shoes. We spotted some lovely black jumpsuits in the trend department and a few gents in seersucker suits perfect for cocktail done al fresco.

1. Keith and Alice Mosing, and Frank and Tracy Neuner
2. Naomi and Mike Maraist
3. Brad and Leah Mosing, and Alice and Keith Mosing
4. Linda and Odie Terry
5. Jaclyn Bridges and Kirk Bacon
6. Ragen and Mike Rice
7. Ashleigh Landry and Brooke Fontenot
8. Von Champagne, and Angela and Ben Thibeaux
9. Danika Arenibas, Anne Poirot and Lindsey Sutterfield
10. Beth and Jeremy Trahan
11. Collin and Nicole Wynne
12. John Fenstermaker, Denise Martin, and Jacqueline and Marc Broussard
13. Larry Lanclos, Andre Broussard, Rebecca Bernhard and Courtney Lanclos
14. Cye and Laura Courtois, Chad and Carol Ann Trahan, Monica and Troy Theriot, and Cindy and Todd Trahan

La Carreta, Saul Rubio's Louisiana-based chain of Mexican eateries, debuted its new Jefferson Street restaurant April 22. Frozen margaritas - strong and delicious - are also available in strawberry or mango, or opt for a traditional (or top shelf or suprema) on the rocks. When it comes to the food, Party Girl definitely recommends you get something with pork in it, like the tacos al pastor. La Carreta doesn't take shortcuts on slow-cooking and shredding the pork with onions, and it's apparent. For those of you watching your girlie figures, go for the ceviche - it's mahi-mahi marinated with lime served with avocado and is a much lighter way to start a Mexican meal than queso or nachos.

1. George Graham and Odie Terry (seated)
2. Saul Rubio, and Simone and Jim Foreman and son James
3. Andy Burrell, Robyn Holbrook, Robin Hebert and Amber LeBleu
4. Jorge Oseguera, Stephanie Giron and Saul Rubio
5. Bridgette Brooks, Kathy Stuart and Saul Rubio

A group of Festival International's founding board met up at POUR in River Ranch April 18 to enjoy drinks and a special Rhythms on the River fundraiser for Fest. POUR offered a bottle of The Prisoner to the first person to accurately identify the festival's founding executive committee members (pictured in the poster founders signed at the gathering). With a little help from Philip Gould, Jill Laroussini nailed this mid-1980s group: Michael Doucet, Julie Calzone, Taylor Rock, Sally Herpin, Cathy Webre, Phillipe Gustin, Herman Mhire, Phil Lank, Donnie Robin, Tina Girouard, Herbert Wiltz and Lyn Bertuccini. Thanks to all of you for your efforts all those years ago.

1. Sally Herpin, Cherry Fisher May, Lyn Bertuccini, Herman Mhire, Taylor Rock and Julie Calzone
2. Lyn Bertuccini
3. Cherry Fisher May and Karen Daigle
4. Herman Mhire signing the poster
5. Karen Daigle and Sally Herpin
6. Julie Calzone

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