April 30, 2013 06:56

Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré offered advice on building a stronger family unit at the Cajundome Convention Center Saturday.

Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, best known for taking charge and restoring order post-Hurricane Katrina, was in Lafayette Saturday, speaking to the Knights of Columbus for its annual convention. The topic of his discussion was leadership and family, one taken from a chapter in his recent book, Leadership in the New Normal.

In 2005 Honoré served as commander of Joint Task Force-Katrina that was responsible for coordinating military relief efforts for areas affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita areas across Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

His leadership brought together federal, state and local authorities to coordinate and conduct all response and recovery efforts, including directing over 22,000 service members, 200 air crafts and 20 ships. He retired from the Army in 2008 and now focuses on disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts. One of his goals is to build a culture of preparedness by remaining active in health care, corporate, non-profit, academic, and government sectors.

Honoré spoke Saturday to about 600 Knights of Columbus members at the Cajundome Convention Center as part of the group's annual statewide convention. His message offered advice on how to build a stronger family unit with principles of leadership.

"A family is a team, and teams need leaders," Honoré said, according to a press release from his publisher, Acadian House Publishing. "Families need leading because kids need teaching. And if you don't lead your family, someone else will."

In his new book, Leadership in the New Normal, Honoré shares what it takes to be a leader in the 21st century by taking principles he learned from the military and applying that to modern leadership principles. The title is available locally at Barnes & Noble and online at Amazon.com.

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