May 7, 2013 07:44

It's teacher appreciation week - show a little love to the special teachers in your children's lives this year with a little something Pinteresting.

It's teacher appreciation week, so show a little love to the special teachers in your children's lives this year with a little something Pinteresting.
While the iconic apple might seem an obvious choice, we have moved beyond the mundane, thanks to creative minds that troll the web in search of inspiration. Nothing shows caring more than a hand-crafted gift. Here are a few of my finds after a late night online and catching up on DVR reality T.V. - moms, I know you hear me. These are simple, quick, budget-friendly ideas that any child can help assemble and bring joy to a teacher's day. Simply pair the phrase in a note card or gift packaging with the ideas below and instant teacher gifts ready by Friday.
  • "You're the greatest tea'cher" or "Thanks a latte' for a fantastic year." Pair up a mix of tea bags in a mug or pick up a gift card at a local coffee spot as a gift. That extra jolt is sure to come in handy after a long night of grading papers.
  • "Hands down, you're the best teacher around." Tie note card around neck of a pretty bottle of hand soap or moisturizer. For extra creativity, get those little hands covered in paint for a few handprints on the packaging.
  • "Thanks for making me one smart cookie this year." Homemade cookies placed in a mason jar or tin will make a perfect snack for teacher while on bus duty. She deserves something sweet.
  • "We need s'more teachers like you." Include all the ingredients needed for this campfire classic: graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. Even if your teacher is not the outdoorsy type, these can quickly be made in the microwave or toaster oven.
  • "Thanks for helping me grow this year." Who doesn't love fresh flowers? If you have access to some beautiful blooms in your yard, have your child pick some and put them in a pretty vase. Or if your thumb is less-than-green, head to the local grocery store floral department for some pretty mixed bouquets. You could even break up a larger bouquet for multiple teachers.
And finally, the apple.
  • "I couldn't have picked a better teacher." Fill a basket with a variety of fresh fruits or mix together some ready-to-eat fruits in a delicious fruit salad he or she is sure to enjoy. Often the teachers' lounge is full of not so healthy treats, and this may come as a pleasant treat.

To all those teachers out there - thank you for what you do. I know your jobs are long on time and short on pay but full of reward.

Society needs you, and I respect what you have set out to accomplish. Now, enjoy your week and rejoice that summer break is just around the corner.

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