May 30, 2013 03:26

Pieces inspired by our favorite high octane franchise


Fast and Furious movies aren't known for their fashion. And yet, there are certain pieces trending now that are just the sort we'd connect to speeding cars and underground drag races - the leather dresses that continue to crop up, the neon that seems to be everywhere.

Perhaps nothing says sexy like black leather. Relegated in year's past to winter and usually outerwear, leather has become, as of late, a staple in even warm months in the way of sensual dresses and supple tops. At Vanessa V. the ladies have a leather dress that combines the edgy fabrication with a flirty cut - just the way to wear leather without that dominatrix connotation.

While sexy shoes often mean mile high heels, these strappy ones from Shoe La La are every bit as alluring as any 4-inch heel thanks to a design that can work from day to night with ease.

At Maven Womenswear we spotted neon cut offs of the high-waisted variety. Pair with another neon for a summertime look that's beach worthy or keep things a bit less loud with a simple white hi-low tank and strappy flat sandals.

For a wallet that won't go missing easily, the neon clutches that are small enough to go in your purse and yet big enough to hold all the necessities for a solo trip can be found at Vertage. The perfect place to put all that money you won placing your bets that this won't be the last Fast and the Furious flick.

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