May 31, 2013 06:08

Two moms are providing high quality local and organic baby food to Acadiana babies.


Two moms are providing high quality local and organic baby food to Acadiana babies. By Kari Walker

Monday, June 3, 2013

Local mothers Clelie Hebert and Molly Clayton aim to help parents feed babies local and organic foods through their new business, My Growing Heart.

Hebert, a registered nurse, and Clayton, chef and owner of A Change of Heart, have a combined experience raising 11 children - that's a lot of mouths to feed.

Who better to develop a low-stress way to get the best nutrition for baby's first foods?

These ladies want to provide families with affordable, convenient products they can feel good about feeding their own babies, while also supporting the local farming community. Their produce is purchased from pesticide-free farms, and they only use grass-fed beef and lamb and free-range chicken, all from local farms. Both moms have experienced personal life-changes in what they eat and want to ensure their children are starting on the right paths in life to avoid the health issues that come with a diet full of processed meals of convenience. "We don't compromise on the nutrition of our children, and we don't feel like other moms should have to either," says Hebert.

Customers can order on My Growing Heart's website with the option to pick up their purchases at either Freetown Farmers Market on Wednesdays or the Lafayette Farmers & Artisans Market at the Horse Farm on Saturdays. Hebert and Clayton pride themselves on maintaining competitive pricing, comparable to organic baby food on shelves and large box retailers. The difference, however, is their product is local, and customers can actually talk with Clayton or Hebert should they have concerns about ingredients and/or the manufacturing process. Details on what farms are used as food sources can also be found on their website.

"I think Acadiana has a great local agriculture movement, and we are excited to be part of that," says Hebert. Future plans include expanding sales markets to Lake Charles and Baton Rouge and eventually give all Louisiana parents a taste of how organic agriculture of Acadiana can feed their babies.