June 3, 2013 06:00

I love my style with some soul. I love the idea that a piece has a history, a life before it arrived in my hands.


Second Time Around
[By Amanda Bedgood / Photos by Robin May]

I love my style with some soul. I love the idea that a piece has a history, a life before it arrived in my hands. I am a sentimental fool when it comes to objects, especially jewelry. It doesn't have to cost much. But it's got to mean something to me. And the idea that even after it's become less fashionable it can be remade and reborn thrills this sappy soul.

As we look at the best in dressing green this month, jewelry reborn is just one more way to do that. One more way to make useful every last piece in your style arsenal. While being green can certainly be about using the newest and best in fabrication and work ethic, it's also about living in a way that eschews waste and embraces reusing what we already have in inventive ways. Jewelry stores like Paul's and Lee Michaels create custom pieces from your personal collection.

At kiki, a new line - Sennod - looks to the past for modern inspiration. The Louisiana native behind pieces like this vintage round locket (below) has a new collection in her enviable line that uses elements from this sweet locket to art deco pieces, medals and cameos with thoroughly current design and materials.

The ladies over at Sky Blue certainly know something about this relationship of old and new. They have a collection of pieces from a sweet yet tough multi-chain bracelet (below) to boho earrings that incorporate influences from eras both then and now. The Parc Lafayette store takes vintage jewelry (as well as clothing) and marries it with new pieces and creative design for soulful items that are the best of the past and the present.


At Knotting Hill, a beautiful collection by Raven + Lily takes items from tragic to productive. The Ethiopia Collection (below) is handcrafted by women in that country (empowering many who are HIV positive with fair wages) from beads and charms made from the melted bullet casings of war conflicts and vintage silver coins. Taking what was meant for bad and using it for good - now that's style with soul.








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