June 21, 2013 04:30
...in a shallow, easily accessible hole off Ambassador South. The cities of Broussard and Lafayette have signed off on a consent judgement settling the intra-municipal enmity that has characterized the cities' relationship for the last several years.

Terms of the settlement, announced via press release last night, include Broussard agreeing to drop its lawsuit challenging Lafayette's Plantation Oaks annexation off Ambassador South in exchange for Lafayette agreeing to modify the annexation and remove part of one landowner's property. The agreement also includes limitations on future annexations.

Both City-Parish President Joey Durel and Broussard Mayor Charlie Langlinais - the Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison of local politics (you decide who is whom ... if you're old enough to appreciate the allusion) - released statements praising the new spirit of comity that has settled upon our fair parish:
Durel: I am happy to see a settlement take place. I said at my State of the Parish address that one of my goals in my last three years was to see the governments of Broussard and Lafayette develop a similar working relationship that we enjoy with the other municipalities. I know this is a major step on that goal. I would like to thank Mayor Langlinais and Councilman [Johnnie] Foco for working with us to get this annexation dispute resolved.

Langlinais: Both cities were able to work together to resolve these issues in a way that is fair to both.  The City of Broussard will continue to work to be a good neighbor to the City of Lafayette and focus on doing our part in making Lafayette Parish the center of economic growth for our state.
Ice cream social to follow.
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