June 24, 2013 12:00

Our plate lunch week kicks off with real comfort food.

For a southern classic that comforts the soul, look no further than Ema'?s Restaurant?s chicken fried steak. This pan-fried dish contains a hearty chicken cutlet breaded with seasoned flour and smothered in homemade white gravy. Fluffy garlic mashed potatoes and your choice of a side (love those sweet potato fries) completes the dish.

Check back here every week day for more great plate lunch options from participating EatLafayette restaurants.

The EatLafayette campaign, which runs through Sept. 2, aims to encourage dining at locally owned establishments. To have your dish featured in INDEats as the EatLafayette Dish of the Day or Dish of the Month in IND Monthly (you must be willing to share your recipe for the monthly feature), contact Kari Walker at kariw@theind.com or Camille LeJeune at camillel@theind.com; find participating restaurants and info on their specials here.

For more information on local eateries, view the online INDEats Dining Guide.

Ema's Restaurant
5520B Johnston St
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 233-0502

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