Aug. 2, 2013 06:00
Bathrooms go super luxe. Bathrooms go super luxe. By Amanda Bedgood ~ Photography by Robin May

Friday, Aug. 2, 2013

There are nice bathrooms, and then there's the powder room at Michele and Bryan Hanks' home. Decadence without the gaudy. A kind of subtle drama. A collection of details done exquisitely.

"These are Swarovski crystal," says Larayn Guidroz, who designed the space, of the cabinet knobs.

The Berebi crystal-laden knobs are just an example of the painstaking details of this small powder room where antique sconces frame an antique mirror.

"It's a more luxurious French," Guidroz says of the home's interior that is still in the works. When the Hanks' purchased the King's Walk home, it was decked in a more casual French Country, but it's clear their approach has a much more sumptuous vibe if this powder room is any indication. With a soaring ceiling and textured walls, it's certainly a step up from your average powder room with a sense that each detail matters - the standout of which is undoubtedly the wall treatment.

"The wallpaper is cork. Then gold leaf. Then they stencil it," Guidroz explains of the wall coverings that are truly one-of-a-kind reaching up to a ceiling that also got the royal treatment. It's gold leaf as well - and proof that small spaces can have big impact.

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