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Welcome to IND Family. A place dedicated to keeping families in Acadiana healthy, strong and connected.

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Welcome to IND Family. A place dedicated to keeping families in Acadiana healthy, strong and connected. A place like you haven't seen before and brought to you in a way only The IND can -  relentlessly local and even more relentlessly real. Brutal and beautiful - we've found the voices that speak to the truths of parenthood wherever you are on that journey. Join us. Raise your voice and your sippy cup. We are family. So are you.

Meet the Parents

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Mallory Acrey

Family is craziness, having no choice but to love and support one another because you just can't help it and being totally content with that.
I am a 28 year old busy working mom. I live in Lafayette and work as the business development manager for Firefly Digital. I have two kids, Bailor, 7, and Luna Jane, 3, and have fun being silly with them. I enjoy shopping, blogging, reading, TV, live music, and volunteering. I'm on a new journey - juggling two kids, a career and now, the single life.

Trevis Badeaux

Family is second only to faith - sometimes family tests the durability of that faith, but faith and family somehow always get me through.
I'm a child of God, father, husband, son, grandson, brother, friend, writer and guitar player just trying to get it right. When I get it wrong, I try to blame it on being male, bald and the father of twin boys. But, that never really works.

Amanda Bedgood

Family is love with arms and legs. It's refuge. And it's the challenge to be more. Above all it is love that does. Love that speaks and pulls and tugs and tears and tries and above all else never lets go.
I'm just another mom obsessed with her baby (or man child if we're being accurate). As the style editor for IND Monthly I write about fashion when I'm not chasing my child, Wilder around the house or dodging flying blueberries. I thank God every day for this spectacular child, and my husband, Mike (right about the time I'm asking for wisdom and patience and strength and stamina and just one more minute to get it all done). I believe few things in this world (for babies or adults) can't be bettered by a long bath, a good dance or a sweet nap.

Tina Broussard

Family is my joy, my passion and my greatest gift from God. I'm the proud grandmother of Carter, Chloe and Anna Claire Bourque. Being "Emmy" to these precious babies has taken joy to a whole new level. I love reading Curious George books to Carter and sewing fun dresses for Chloe and Anna Claire. The beach is our favorite place to be, and we love to dance and sing. I'm so thankful for the opportunities to share my love of life with my little sweeties.

Amy Cavanaugh

Family is figuring life out together.
I'm a full-time single working mother to Avery, age 6, who is a first-grader at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, and I'm excited to be room mom this year. We are two girls on the go, staying busy with church, Disney-related travel, dance and gymnastics, birthday parties and a zoo of pets.

Marie Delahoussaye

Family is (to slightly change a Robert Frost line) the people who, when you go to them, have to take you in. It's the solid base behind me.
There are a lot of things about me - bachelor's degree in English, juvenile probation officer, law degree from Tulane. I've worked all sorts of jobs, from a bartender to a probation officer to practicing law to helping run a theatre company. I've loved all of them, and all the schooling required, but what I've loved best, and what I've learned most from, has been home schooling my four children. It's the one job I've had that I think may actually change the world.

Sebreana Domingue

Family is the reason why we do what we do. It is the reason why we smile, laugh and cry. Family makes life interesting and fun. It is also why we need lots of wine in our lives.
I am a single mother in my 40s working as a research associate at UL Lafayette. I was born and raised in Rayne and still reside there. I am one of six children. I was a journalist for 20 years and then changed careers - I am working on my master's degree at UL. I am in a relationship with a wonderful man and I love my natural hair, reading, writing, watching basketball, football and the company of good friends.

Jackie Lyle

Family is truly a tree of life with strong branches, flexible limbs, delicate twigs, new growth and a life cycle.
My three have flown the coop, and I can honestly say that my only disappointment is having failed to convince my husband and kids that a year of motor-home schooling was a good idea. Many people think I'm from another state, but I'm from Oberlin. Others have no idea that I'm married or that I can cook. I am. I can.

Melinda Mangham

Family is a thesis. I have often thought that the essence of family is entireness, a total magnanimity and trust - the joy of family, the treasure of friends is often one and the same. I have been just a teacher for 999 years. I have let my heart and its passion be guided by the incredible people with whom I have worked and the amazing young people I have taught. My dedication to this passion - this strong belief in my students - has been defining for me. They have taught me to believe in the wonder of life - to approach life with arms and heart wide open - to make every phase of life the prime of life.

Patricia Thompson

Family is our history, our present and our future legacy.
I'm a mommy, wife and a full-time corporate worker. I have a healthy obsession with red lipstick and hip-hop music and I swear I know every lyric to every 90s song. I'm the ultimate planner, at home and at work, and the only thing that stresses me out is Pinterest.

Kari Walker

Family is the people who have shared life's triumphs and tears with us along a road paved in rainbows, sunshine, an occasional speed bump and a slice of wedding cake. They are the ones who have taught us lessons the world won't or Google can't answer.
Work hard, play harder -that's my philosophy. I've found joy again through becoming fit and balancing a love of food. Sometimes I feel different from other moms, but different is what makes us interesting. I like to rant about food, birth, breastfeeding and CrossFit, but I also have a love for pop culture, travel and Louis Vuitton.

Valerie Woerner

Family is a place where you can completely be yourself.
I'm expecting our first little one, Vivienne Mae, in October and looking forward to figuring out how to navigate motherhood and owning my own business. I'm married to my best friend Tyler and cannot wait to see him take on the role of dad. I love to read books about faith, business and family and hope to still find a little time post-baby to make that happen.




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