Aug. 16, 2013 07:28
State joins Texas and Indiana at bottom of first-ever nursing home report card.
Louisiana "hit rock bottom" on a first-of-its-kind report on nursing homes, receiving an "F" in five of the eight areas measured.

Families for Better Care, a Florida-based nursing home resident advocacy group, published the state-by-state nursing home report card.

The group scored, ranked and graded states on eight different federal quality measures ranging from the percentage of facilities with severe deficiencies to the number of hours frontline caregivers averaged per resident per day. The report, which took into consideration factors like staffing levels, health inspections and substantiated resident complaints, determined that the state's nursing home residents would only be worse off if they were in Texas.

Top nursing home states included Alaska, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, according to the report, while Texas, Louisiana and Indiana were at the bottom.

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