Sept. 17, 2013 06:00 AM

Could Lafayette become one of the next technology meccas?


Could Lafayette become one of the next technology meccas?
By Patrick Flanagan

Though it won't be replacing Silicon Valley anytime soon, Lafayette's rep as a tech city is growing.

For starters, the city has a solid foundation laid in the 1980s by UL Lafayette's computer science program and a public-owned fiber optic network stretching 65 miles throughout the city. Another investment in the industry's future came in 2004 with the Academy of Information Technology at Carencro High, where youth are now being equipped with the tools necessary for technology-based careers.

Lafayette also has Cajun CodeFest, a programming competition boasting one of the highest cash prizes in comparison to similar contests held worldwide. And there's INNOV8, our annual eight-day innovation fest that brings together some of the region's most creative minds to share ideas and foster more homegrown technological innovation. Our city even caught the eye of President Barack Obama's top techie, Todd Park, the chief technology officer for the country, who, after experiencing INNOV8 2012, tagged us "Silicon Bayou."

Technology represents a multi-faceted industry, and in Lafayette there are more and more locals working in an ever-expanding range of tech-related fields.

This month, in highlighting the industry, ABiz puts a face to the name by profiling some of the people working in the various realms of our local techie universe.

Meet our local gurus here.

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