Oct. 1, 2013 06:00 AM

A bathroom with function marries the feminine and masculine.


By Amanda Bedgood ~ Photos by Robin May

The bathroom of the Breauxes is that rare combination of elegant and sass. It marries function with a bit of fun and a sort of polish that is anything but serious.

An oversized tub is the place to relax in the Breaux bathroom while celestial inspired pieces thread throughout the space from the wall hangings pictured to starburst-detailed sconces and tiny stars on the chandalier.

The space opens with a reclaimed door from New Orleans (doors that are used throughout the home here and there) that lends a kind of instant nostalgia and bit of warmth. Nearly one entire side of the spacious bathroom is covered in cabinets to house all of the couple's goods.

"My wife wanted a lot of cabinets," Ebbie Breaux says. "She hasn't even filled all of them yet."

A lux inlay on the floor is one of the standout details that truly makes the space, giving it that rare blend of sass and elegance.

But the generous drawers are ready to go and thanks to a clever treatment by Crissy Greene of Elle Home Interiors, the space looks more posh than utilitarian.

"We put mirrors in the cabinet doors to make it look more like a bathroom and not like a kitchen, and it reflects the rest of the bathroom," Greene says. "We also have sconces on the mirror that gives more light on the eye level instead of a vanity light and that's much less traditional."

In another nod that bucks traditional aesthetic, there are starbursts subtly threaded from wall hangings above the bathtub to small stars on the chandelier and the backplates with starbursts on the sconces. While the light fixtures bring a kind of subtle funky vibe to the space, the standout something extra in the whole room just may be beneath your feet.

"People ask all the time if they can walk on it," Breaux says with a laugh of the stunning tile inlaid on the floor.

"It's porcelain tile, and the inlay is stained glass tile. It's very glamorous," Greene says.

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