Oct. 1, 2013 06:00

Stand out in the Halloween crowd without breaking a sweat.

Not much is cuter than a kid in costume, and this month we're showing you how to pull off some creative options even if you're afraid of needles (sewing needles that is) while we also chat with a mom who's mastered DIY costumes.

Nicole Cordova is a sewer. If her daughter, Ellaclaire, 2, shows up in costume, you know she's going to stand out from the crowd. Nicole began sewing about five years ago to create baby gifts for friends. She has a penchant for creating simple ensembles of comfy fabrics, and come Halloween she manages to infuse the costumes with a kind of whimsy, total comfort and higher end design.

"I like things that are comfortable," she says, pointing to the fact that many kids' costumes are made from cheap and itchy fabrics and fit poorly.

"I like that it's different, too," Cordova says. "And I'm very particular and I like that I can make it exactly how I want it."

Among the costumes Ellaclaire has donned thus far in her two years are a superhero outfit for a birthday party, an owl costume and a flower; this year she's going to be a little cloud with raindrop leggings.

Simple, no-sew kids costume ideas
By Kari Walker and Amanda Bedgood / Photos by Robin May

Rosie the Riveter
A costume so easy you'll be saying, "we can do it"
Button down denim style shirt with rolled sleeves
Red bandana for headband
Red lipstick - KW

   Stella Walker

Breakfast at Tiffany's
An iconic look for any little fashionista
Black party dress
Black flats
Large pearl necklace (leftover Mardi Gras pearl beads will do)
Black sunglasses
Sparkly barrette or small crown perched atop hair in a bun - KW

  Ellaclaire Cordova

Pint-sized Picasso
Toddlers are artists -and to moms the art belongs on the finest fridge gallery
Button down white shirt with pants
Mustache applied with eyeliner or face paint
Artist's palette (a white paper plate with finger cutout works too) - KW

   Wilder Bedgood
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