Oct. 10, 2013 11:08
The Friday-at-noon concert series downtown gets a head of steam with a fiery performance by The Mercy Brothers.
The Mercy Brothers
Bach Lunch is full swing at Parc Sans Souci during October and into November, and Friday's performance promises to be barn burner. The Mercy Brothers play an infectious blend of high-energy honky-tonk rock-n-roll and gospel bluster, all rolled into the persona of a firebrand country preacher with a chip on his shoulder and an ace up his sleeve. That's right.

This biannual series is a fundraiser for the Lafayette Science Museum. Boxed lunches provided by select local restaurants go on sale beginning at 11:15 a.m. on a first-come, first-served basis. The music begins at noon.

Here's the remainder of the fall 2013 lineup:

Oct.  11
The Mercy Brothers
Creole Lunch House
Hub City Diner
Joey's Specialty Foods
Roly Poly         

Oct.  18
Sassafras Jubilee
Agave Cantina
O'Charley's Restaurant    
Joey's Specialty Foods

Oct.  25
The Yvette Landry Band
Chick Fil A
Poupart's Bakery         

Nov. 1
Pine Leaf Trio
The French Press
Jefferson Steet Pub
Zea's Rotisserie & Grill         

Nov. 8
Les Bassettes
Cena to Go  
Bailey's Seafood & Grill
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