Oct. 28, 2013 06:40 PM

Dr. Paul Azar III and physician assistant Shane LaHood bring walk-in clinic to St. Louis Street. Saying they recognized a need for a new medical care facility serving the Downtown and Saint Streets area of Lafayette, Dr. Paul J. Azar III and physician assistant Shane N. LaHood opened ExpressMED, an urgent care walk-in clinic at 111 St. Louis St. across from the old Lourdes campus.

Physician assistant Shane LaHood of ExpressMED Walk-In Clinic on St. Louis Street
ExpressMED Walk-In Clinic treats ailments including lacerations, sprains, fractures and broken bones, colds and flus, allergies, bladder infections and other physical and minor emergencies, as well as work-related injuries. Lab work and X-rays are also onsite.

ExpressMED Walk-In Clinic is one of only a handful of such clinics in the area that open on Saturday, giving patients the ability to receive treatment six days out of the week without having to interrupt a school or work schedule. The clinic offers a 15 percent discount to UL students with a current ID.

For more information on ExpressMed Walk-In Clinic, click here.

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