Nov. 1, 2013 06:00 AM

Thanksgiving décor that's classy casual

By Amanda Bedgood  |  Photos by Brooks Dufrene
Nov. 1, 2013

When the Ezells hosted family from around the country for Thanksgiving last year, they wanted to show them how it's done - simple classy, inviting casual.

"Which is who we are," Michele Ezell says. "We wanted to show them a Southern Thanksgiving."

With a full-time job and a half (and self-admittedly not much of a Martha Stewart), the busy Ezell called on Brooks Dufrene to create a look that would work for the occasion. What he created inside and out is proof that you don't need turkey or pilgrims to make an outstanding display for the season.

"Try things that are unexpected," Dufrene says, pointing to simple additions like lanterns lighting the walkway.

They have a warm vibe and are something most people already have and all will use again. He created a simple wreath.

"The wreath made from magnolia leaves is more refined and simple. It's more sophisticated," Dufrene says. "You can just change the color of the ribbon for the season."

He also spray-painted a few magnolia leaves a golden color and added them sparingly to a display on the interior table.

"He used natural elements and added just a little holiday feel, and it's amazing," Ezell says.

In the same vibe of going natural, Dufrene used simple burlap to create a welcoming sign for the incoming family.

"You just need burlap, scissors, a stencil and spray paint," he says.

Plaid in a warm hue or a good neutral like the brown and white one used here is another addition that's not overtly Thanksgiving but works perfectly now and later.

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