Nov. 1, 2013 05:35

A sweet opportunity to give back and help raise funds for school lunch


Did the Halloween rain leave your trick or treat candy bowls a little too full? Want to get rid of the temptation to gorge yourself on chocolate? Louisiana Lunch Money is looking to take on your sugar high.

The local organization ensures that students have access to a full lunch on school days. Knowing that sometimes a child forgets a lunch at home or some families run into financial hardship, Louisiana Lunch Money believes no child should have to settle for a small snack as lunch or worse, nothing at all.

Now, until Nov. 15, take any of your unwanted candy to drop off points in Lafayette to help Louisiana Lunch Money use leftover candy for future fundraisers, like prizes for the upcoming Bayou Christmas Carnival.

Drop off locations:
Pamplona Tapas Bar (Downtown Lafayette)
Buckfins and Feathers (Broussard)
St. Martin Bank - branches on Verot School Road, Johnston Street and Albertsons Parkway

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