Nov. 27, 2013 04:22

Because we refuse to let holiday stress get the best of us

I'm slightly confused and have been since Halloween when I went to buy pumpkins for carving that were merely one aisle over from Santa, elves and an array of artificial Christmas trees. I get it retailers, you want to maximize when you can sell holiday decor. And then there's Black Friday - I worked retail all through college. #overit. Won't anyone give Thanksgiving a chance?

Well, I am thankful for friends who do.

Yesterday, an impromptu Friendsgiving happened all because a few of the best girls (and guys) I know wanted to share a meal and some laughter together before the holiday highway hustle leading us to different ends of the state for visiting family. What is Friendsgiving? It's pretty much a laid-back Thanksgiving without frills or manners. No one cares if the china matches and in fact, the gravy boat looks a lot like a Pyrex measuring cup. The dogs might as well have a place setting at the table, people eat the pecan pie before the turkey is carved and we play Mad Libs written by yours truly. I'd read you the zany stories, but the truth is Friendsgiving gets a little racy. Did I mention this is the same group of friends that shares inappropriate pictures of their Elf on the Shelf so we all can have a good laugh?

Do you think this is what the first Thanksgiving looked like? Gosh, I hope it did because then the pilgrims would be number one in my book.

Today, I'm suffering from a holiday hangover and still have 1,824 things to do before actual Thanksgiving dinner. But, knowing that we've vowed to make Freindsgiving an annual event makes it all better. Everyone needs good friends in their life. During this busy time of year, make the time to get together with some friends for serious holiday fun. What's up next for our bunch? Dirty Santa goes As Seen on TV - I'm having a tough time deciding what to gift. It's a toss up between Pajama Jeans or the crazy looking blow dryer-hair curling contraption.

You've still got time to plan your Friendsgiving. Today is one of the biggest travel days of the year and odds are some old faces are in town. Give them a call - or more likely a Facebook shout out - and get together today on Gobble Gras, er, Thanksgiving Eve.

Some of the Friendsgiving cast of characters from other fall shenanigans

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