Nov. 28, 2013 12:00

Some holiday humor from INDfamily - Happy Thanksgiving!

While you are gathered around the turkey today giving thanks, we want to lend our readers' thoughts on what they are really thankful for. Over the past month I have watched friends post daily thanks on their Facebook pages ranging from the usual suspects of family, food on the table and shelter to something as wacky as the baby bouncy seat that helps a new mom get in a quick shower when home alone.

INDfamily asked locals what they are thankful for - the honest truth beyond all the warm-fuzzy feelings is that we are thankful for our first world problems in the worst way. From the IND Media staff, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and remind you to think local if you're headed out for Black Friday madness. May the spirit of giving be upon you during the holiday season.

We hope this post brings a smile to your face or a chuckle or two:

  • "I'm thankful Star Wars, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man and other superheroes are "in" again. My kids think I'm a genius!"  - Trevis B.

  • "I'm thankful for Louisiana musicians, especially Master P & 504 Boyz, as it has become a Thanksgiving family tradition, to wobble wobble' while we gobble gobble!"  - Blaire S.

  • "I'm thankful for the nightly news because it makes me feel better about myself and my parenting skills."  - Nicole C.

  • "I'm thankful to be pregnant over Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can totally have seconds (and maybe thirds) and no one raises an eyebrow. It's for the baby!"  - Kim B.

  • "I'm thankful Christmas doesn't rhyme with twerk, because those twerking turkey videos were really quite disturbing. Nobody wants to see Santa twerk."  - Susan A.

  • "I'm thankful for every minute of sleep and therefore the Woombie Air swaddle. I'm a much more pleasant person in the morning for it. And babysitters - do you know how much I can get done in an hour and half when I don't have my two under 2? Oh, can't forget the DVR so that when I'm up for night time feedings I can get my fix of the Kardashians, Real Housewives and anything else no one else in my house cares about."  - Emily F.

  • "I am in the grocery store with my kids, all three of whom have ADHD. So, at this particular moment, I'm thankful for Vyvanse!"  - Carrie L.

  • "Life is good. I'm thankful I'm not the turkey. Also thankful the Harlem Shake is behind us."   - Patricia T.

  • "Thank The Lord for self tanner, red lipstick and goldfish crackers. You can make it through most any situation from cocktail party to the playground if you have all three."  - Amanda B.

  • "UGG boots. They might be UGGly, but they sure do keep your feet warm."  - Katharine S.

  • "Yoga pants. I heard they were the new denim on the radio."  - Lindsay B.

  • "I'm thankful Instagram added video, because since then I have not only mastered the art but have also compiled a lot of blackmail."  - Alaina F.

  • "As a college student, I'm thankful for Legends 2 for 1 special when I'm low on funds. Oh, and koozies in the winter to keep my hand warm when tailgating."  - Alyse A.

  • "Let us give thanks that group texting was invented. Said no one ever. But, I am thankful that cell phone technology has moved beyond the Nokia face plate phone and that leggings and ombre hair exists to make laziness look like fashion. Oh, and Diplo cause without his music I'd run really slow."  - Kari W.