Dec. 3, 2013 06:24

Accepting the inevitable


My new Method dish soap in hollyberry is the only evidence at my house that Christmas is near. Not a stocking is hung by the chimney with care. Not a gift wrapped. Let's get real. Not a gift bought.

Let me tell you my dirty little secret - I do most of my Christmas shopping sometime after Dec. 20. (Gasp!) Don't panic. I'm not. No, really, quit hyperventilating all you overachievers who wrapped up your wrapping last week. You're out there. I know you. All bragging on Facebook about how you've purchased and wrapped all your gifts. You probably have a couple of Pinterest sparkly mesh wreaths in your house, too. Show offs.

I once had good intentions. I bought into the idea that I was behind. This year, however, you could say I either gave up or perhaps I've accepted. We went shopping on Saturday at the outlet mall in Mississippi (the second leg of our family tour for the Thanksgiving holiday) only because Wilder needed some more long sleeved shirts and jeans were like $10. ($10!! So major it's worth both those exclamation points.)

It's rare I shop on Black Friday. We visit my side of the fam for Thanksgiving in Arkansas nearly every year before heading to Mississippi on Black Friday to see my mother-in-law. Some years I've joined my mom and sister for an hour or so before we leave town. Never stood in line at the crack of dawn. I don't really do lines. (In fact, the only reason I can get excited more than I dread the lines at Disney World is that Fast Pass business.)

Wilder and my niece Emery hanging out in a duck blind at Bass Pro after their visit with Santa. The first and only holiday task completed on my to-do list. 

I am a bargain hunter to be sure. And I'm a style editor and love fashion more than a healthy amount on most days. But, our family lives a day's drive and we don't see them nearly enough and so the shopping is on the back burner. Just as it should be. Perhaps if our family lived nearby or our lives were different I would be an early shopper. But, they don't and it's not.

In the coming weeks I'll see those obnoxious countdowns from retailers trying to scare me into getting scared. (I'm no mathematician but Christmas is the same day every single year. I get that it's 22 days away. Thanks.) In past years I was worried, but the truth is that the earlier I shop the more stuff I buy. I come from a long line of last minute shoppers. No matter my intentions, I can't seem to squeeze in the time to Christmas shop early. So, this year I accept the inevitable. I embrace it. I will not freak out that I haven't shopped yet. I will not freak out that I haven't put up the tree yet. I promise to do it this week. (The tree that is. I'm so not ambitious enough to shop a lick this week.)

I love Christmas and I love our tree and all the rando junk I put around our house. I love the beauty of a perfectly wrapped gift and the glow of twinkle lights. I love the nativity my mom bought us. And I can't wait to see Wilder wonder at the wonder of Christmas this year. At 2 years old, it's his first Christmas season that will include more than him looking at me like huh?' These are things I love and cherish and always will.

I'm in no hurry to get things done that I simply don't have time to do anyway. I accept. I will say, however, while in Arkansas visiting the fam we went to Bass Pro Shop's Santa Workshop thing (super cute) and Wilder (along with my niece) had his picture taken. (He looked at the Santa dude the whole time like huh? I don't get it.') Take that overachieving wreath making wrappers. One Christmas to-do list item down. Three hundred and five left to go. I got this. 

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