Jan. 13, 2014 05:09

The art of formal dressing with baby on board


There are few fashion tasks more daunting that formalwear with a baby bump. When I was about five minutes from giving birth I chaired the American Cancer Society black and white gala and finding that dress was like picking my kid's name. At the Golden Globes last night there were a few pregnant gals and with a variety of vibes that showed us just how (and how not to) to do formal fashion. So, if you're heading to a Mardi Gras ball this season with a little one on board, here's our list on how to nail the red carpet.

Take it to the floor. The longer the dress the better. For visual, a shorter dress like a high-low or tea length won't elongate like a dress that just hits the floor. It's all about creating length to balance out the width. The real reason for the long dress? So you can hide some Crocs or Birks underneath. Flat shoes are the only way to survive if you're facing swollen feet.

Flaunt what ya got. Still have great legs? Try a dress with a slit (and suffer all night in heels). Killer arms? Go for a halter. Lovely cleavage? Wear a v-neck. It's all about distraction - 'pay no attention to the cellulite on my thighs! Look at these perfect new breasts I've grown!'

The perfect fit. Perfect bump dresses are the ones that show off your figure by accentuating your smallest part and those bumping curves in a delicate balance. Yes, there is a smaller spot somewhere on your body. If you've still got a great butt, try a dress that hugs your curves in the back. When I had to face the great maternity formal, I went with an empire cut dress (that was certainly not tight on my butt). Kerry Washington did this just right with a dress that cinched in at the smallest part of her above the belly.

Low volume. Being pregnant doesn't mean boring. But, sleek is often the best way to show off a smooth silhouette. Details like the texture of Drew Barrymore's dress add volume no one needs. Olivia Wilde's green sequins were a beautiful texture with a cut that looks made just for her. 

But, the greatest advice of all - let the glow show. No matter your style, the best beauty on the carpet is the glow of a happy lady with a baby on board. (Or maybe, that's just sweat because your body is running 20 degrees hotter - we'll never tell.)


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