Jan. 16, 2014 05:41

Sweet little girly picks


As spring arrives little girly clothes are thinking pink. Whether you dress your little gal less than frilly or with rows of tulle, there's a little something for even the tiniest fashionistas.

At Paperdoll Studio we love the simple long sleeve top and ruffle teired skirt that are proof laid back can still get all kinds of girly. Good Two Shoes has this darling piece with a flatbow and wallpaper print that's a bit chic. Over at Bundle of Joy a couple of ballet pink pieces like this leotard adorned with swans are as frou frou as it gets with sequins and layers of ruffles. And no list would be complete without a nod to the every comfy Kicky Pants. This dark pink with pale pink ruffle will be the most comfy option in PJs that are cute enough to wear all day.


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